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Passion Flower

Passion Flower
Passiflora incarnata

Famille botanique : Passifloraceae
Description :

Passiflora incarnata is a vine of the Passifloras family (Passifloraceae ) native of the southeastern United States and Mexico. It is grown in many parts of the world for ornamental or medicinal purposes. The fruit of Passiflora incarnata can be used as a substitute for a South American relative, Passiflora edulis.

Origine géographique : Mexico, China
Composition, actifs :

Passiflora are rich in alkaloids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds and cyanogenic glycosides. Passiflora incarnata has 2.5% flavonoids. The active ingredient which is a benzoflavone BZF has not yet been isolated.

Partie utilisée : leaf, stem, flower
Applications, propriétés :

Passiflora incarnata is used throughout as an anxiolytic and sedative since ancient times. The benzoflavone BZF reveals an interesting anxiolytic because it does not cause dependency on prolonged outlet. Studies on addiction to morphine, nicotine, cannabis or alcohol, showed that BZF prevented the expression of withdrawal effects of these drugs.

Produits :

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