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Maté/ Yerba Maté Maté/ Yerba Maté Maté/ Yerba Maté

Maté/ Yerba Maté
Ilex paraguariensis

Botanical family: Aquifoliaceae

mate or yerba mate is a South American native species whose leaves, which are roasted and pulverized, provide, infused in hot water, a stimulating drink, similar to the coffee or tea effects. The Jesuits developed its culture in the seventeenth century and spread to neighboring countries : Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and the southern provinces of Brazil. Mate word used in Spanish-speaking countries comes from the Quechua mathi, which means a kind of gourd container traditionally used to drink mate and still used until now.

Geographical origin: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina
Composition, actives:

mate contains xanthine bases : caffeine, theobromine, theophylline. It also contains flavonoids, triterpene saponins and vitamins.

Part used: leaf
Applications, properties:

mate stimulates the central nervous system, it is also cardiotonic and diuretic and increases glycolysis and lipolysis. Mate is considered a cholesterol hepatoprotective, diuretic and antioxidant.


we offer Yerba Maté under the following forms :


- Powder, leaves fine cuts

- Dry extracts


Organic certification is available too.


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