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Brown Propolis

Famille botanique : mainly Populus spp, and then pendula, Betula pubescens (Betulaceae), Fraxinus ornus (Oleaceae), etc ...
Description :

the brownpropolisis collectedusing grids that are put in between superhives, indeed bees havea tendency tofillthe grid holeswith propolis. The grid are installed during springtimeandremoved in the beginning ofautumn.

Brown Propolis has the appearance of small sticky pieces of resin from a few mm to several cm, subsequently agglomerated in more or less rigid blocks. Brown propolis have a pleasant and powerful honey smell, slightly spicy like tobacco. Their colors vary by region and botanical origins, they can be dark and gray, or brown to shades of orange and red.

Origine géographique : Europe, South America
Composition, actifs :

mainly flavonoids and other phenolic compounds.

So far 17 chemical compounds have been identified including : cinnamic acid, vannilin, gentistic acid, p-coumaric acid, fisetin, miricetin, luteolin, quercetin, kaempherol, pinocembrin, crisin, tectocrisin, galangin, etc...

Applications, propriétés :

primarily antioxidant, antimicrobian and antifungic.

Produits :

We offer brown propolis under the following forms :


  • Raw brown propolis (blocks)
  • Dry extract powder
  • Liquid extract
  • Fluid paste extract


Organic certification available.

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