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Cat's Claw Cat's Claw Cat's Claw

Cat's Claw
Uncaria tomentosa

Famille botanique : Rubiaceae
Description :

Uncaria tomentosa, called "Peruvian liane", is a vine native of the Amazonia. It is called in Spanish "Uña de gato" (cat's claw) because of small stipules claw at the base of its leaves. The plant grows on trees 20 to 40 feet high. It is a medicinal herb : bark, leaves and roots are traditionally used to treat different diseases.

Origine géographique : Peru
Composition, actifs :

the World Health Organization convened in Geneva in 1994 the first international conference on Uncaria tomentosa. Since the discovery of quinine, no plant of the rainforest had received such attention from the scientific community. The research focused mainly on alkaloids.

Partie utilisée : bark
Applications, propriétés :

six alkaloids enhance the immune system, five alkaloids were found clinically to have effects against leukemia, tumors, ulcers, infections and arthritis. Assumptions and recent studies may support the idea that Uncaria tomentosa would be beneficial for the treatment of HIV effect if combined with standard treatment. Uncaria tomentosa would also have slimming properties valued by the cosmetics industry in some formulations.

Produits :

we offer Cat’s Claw under the following forms :


- Bark powder

- Dry extracts, minimum 3% oxindole alkaloïds


Organic certification is available too.


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