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Red Propolis

Famille botanique : mainly Dalbergia ecastophylum, etc…
Description :

red propolis is produced by cutting a long and thin opening at the bottom of the superhives wall (about 40x3cm) or by putting grids in between superhives for the bees to fill the holes with red propolis. The main botanical origin is a tree growing in mangroves that has a temporary immersion which scientific name is Dalbergia ecastophyllum. In the presence of a local parasite, the woody stems of this plant produce a resinous exudate with a bright red color, this exudate is collected by bees and mixed with salivary secretions and wax to be turned into red propolis.

Mangrove red propolis has the appearance of small blocks, soft pieces of a few centimeters. It has a very light flavor and taste and a typical blood red color, which is very bright when freshly harvested and then darken to burgundy after a few weeks.

Origine géographique : Brasil, Caribeans
Composition, actifs :

mainly flavonoids and other phenolic compounds among which are found rutin, pinobanksin, quercetin, luteolin, pinocembrin, liquiritigenin. The very caracteristical phenolic coumpounds of mangrove red propolis are the isoflavones found in relevant concentrations such as daidzein, dalbergin, formononetin and biochanin A.

These isoflavones are highly assimilable by the human body, Japanese clinical studies show that they efficiently decrease the symptoms of women menopause.


Applications, propriétés :

antimicrobial, antioxidant, promote women hormonal balance (reduction of menopause symptoms).

Produits :

we offer red mangrove propolis under the following forms :


  • Raw red propolis (blocks)
  • Dry extract powder
  • Liquid extract
  • Fluid paste extract

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