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Copaifera officinalis

Famille botanique : Caesalpiniaceae
Description :

Copaifera officinalis is a tree that grows in the tropical forests of South America. After incision of the trunk extractivists communities periodically collect the sap or oleoresin flowing, ranging in color from light yellow to brown, depending on its composition (ratio resin - essential oil). It is possible to harvest one to two liters every two days.

Origine géographique : Brazil
Composition, actifs :

oleoresin or balsam copaiba contains about 50 to 60% essential oil mainly composed of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, mainly betacaryophyllènes.

Partie utilisée : sap
Applications, propriétés :

Copaiba balsam or oleoresin has both potent antiinflammatory and antiseptic properties. It helps wound healing and visibly reduces skin diseases such as eczema, herpes and psoriasis. The copaïba is effective on joint pain, rheumatism, sprains, etc... Copaiba balm is also used as a fixative in the manufacture of soap, perfumes and fragrances.

Produits :

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