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Royal Jelly Royal Jelly Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

Description :

this is a whitish substance with a pearly sheen, gelatinous consistency and an acid and sweet flavor. It is produced by the 5 to 15 days old worker bees and is the queen bee only food during her entire lifetime. Royal jelly helps the queen bee to grow 50% bigger than the worker bees, to lay up to 2000 eggs a day and live up to 5 years, when the worker bees only receive royal jelly during their first three days, are sterile and only live up to six months.

The production of royal jelly is operated by specialized beekeepers removing the queenbee from the hive and placing frames with blank royal cells with very young worker larvae inside. Worker bees will produce and place abundant quantities of royal jelly in these cells. The frames are removed by the beekeeper after three days, royal jelly is then removed by suction cell by cell and kept in cold temperature (1°C - 5 °C) in glass jars.

Composition, actifs :

royal jelly contains lots of :

  • vitamins (the whole B group among others, particularly rich in B5)
  • proteins
  • carbohydrates (mostly glucose and fructose)
  • fatty acids
  • free amino acids
  • mineral elements
  • enzymes and hormones

Among other interesting elements, the fatty acid 10-HDA (10-hydroxydecenoic acid) is very rare in the nature but highly concentrated in the royal Jelly. This fatty acid has antibacterian and antifongic properties.

Produits :

we offer royal jelly under the following forms :


  • Fresh (never frozen guarantee), european origins
  • Freeze-dried powder, european and chinese origins


Organic certification is available too.


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