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Bee Polen Bee Polen Bee Polen

Bee Polen

Description :

it is the flowering plant male germ cell or male gamete. The bees collect the pollen tiny pollen grains on the flowers etamines and mix them with salivary secretions and flower nectar, and carry them to the beehive thanks to the “baskets” on their hind legs. These pollen granules are practically imperishables and are stocked in the beehive as a source of well-balanced protein, fat and glucids (nectar) to feed the colony. Bee pollen is considered one of the most complete foods due to its high level of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The pollen is collected by the beekeeper using a plastic or timber trap placed at the entrance of the hive. These traps have a multi-holes wall, whose hole diameter is slightly larger than the size of the bee, which can then enter the hive without injury, but part of the pollen it carries is taken : the granules break off due to friction and fall to the bottom of the trap.         Bee Pollen is produced during springtime.

Bee colonies are previously supplemented in food by the beekeeper during the last weeks of winter for the posterior pollen harvesting not to affect the proper development of the bee colony.

Origine géographique : European Union
Produits :

we offer Bee Pollen under the following forms :


  • Dry Bee Pollen (granules)
  • Dry Bee Pollen powder
  • Fresh Bee Pollen


Organic certification is available too.


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